John Sutton

Thanks, St. Bernard Parish Hospital!

After a usual workday as a driver at a St. Bernard marine firm, John Sutton sat down for a dinner break. This time something was very different. “I had no feeling on the right side of my face; it was numb. I was startled. The captain sitting with me said, “John, I think you could be having a stroke, let’s go now.”
They drove immediately to the Emergency Room of St. Bernard Parish Hospital, just minutes from the company site. “I knew that ‘time is platinum’ with strokes,” John said later. Upon arriving, John was triaged and immediately whisked away by nurses and doctors who worked speedily checking his reflexes, testing for short term and long term memory, and then doing a CAT scan and other tests.

“I was very impressed with their speed, efficiency and professionalism. Dr. Hendry ordered all of the appropriate tests and the results were reviewed with me in a very timely way. Fortunately, I did not have a stroke, but had that been the case those important minutes would have made all the difference.”

“I want the people of St. Bernard Parish to know the quality of services there,”

–John Sutton