Cardiac Catheterization/Special Procedures

One of the most important tests for patients with symptoms of heart problems is cardiac catheterization. Our hospital has the staff and the technology to accurately and comfortably perform these procedures.

In this procedure a long, thin tube called a catheter is put into a blood vessel. An interventional cardiologist may put a special dye in the catheter which will show any plaque build up in the coronary arteries. Plaque can restrict blood flow to the heart. The doctor may use ultrasound during the procedure to view blockages or the doctor may also take samples of the tissue. If significant blockages are found, the cardiologists may insert a stent to improve blood flow to the heart.

Our lab is equipped for maximum comfort and accuracy and we have interventional cardiologists on staff who perform these procedures daily. Consult the physician directory for cardiologists and interventional cardiologists who are affiliated with our hospital.

We perform the following procedures in both our traditional Cath-lab and Hybrid Operating Room:

  • Angiograms which includes Coronary and Peripheral arteries
  • Angioplasty’s and Stenting
  • Biopsies, Drainages and Ablations
  • Pacemakers, AICD
  • ESI ( Back Injections), Lumbar punctures