REHAB-IMG_2114St. Bernard Parish Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient rehab services.   Inpatients can receive speech, physical and occupational therapy to aid in their recovery. All of our therapists meet national certification standards and give expert and compassionate care.

Our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center is the only one in the region that is Joint Commission accredited and offering all three rehabilitation disciplines: physical, speech and occupational therapies. The Center is fully staffed and equipped to provide comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation for patients recovering from cardiac surgery or other cardiac conditions.

Unique features of our Rehabilitation Center:

  • Monitored cardiac rehabilitation meets national standards
  • Patients can keep their own therapist through treatment
  • Services for all ages including children
  • No waiting past appointment time
  • Option of wellness program following therapy discharge

Easy Access to our Services

  1. Your doctor provides diagnosis and referral (prescription)
  2. Our staff verifies benefits within 24 hours
  3. Appointments are scheduled within 24 hours
  4. Your personal therapist does an assessment and works with you
  5. The Center reports progress to your physician and sends a final report upon discharge